Dark, grooving,
catchy pop-melodies
with distorted industrial
and grunge elements.

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we are in the studio at the moment..

April 30, 2015

But we will play @ Semifinal, Helsinki on Saturday 30th of May with Jaani Peuhu and White Fox!
More updates coming soon. Event FB
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See you all @ On the Rocks, Helsinki on Friday 30/01/15!

January 24, 2015

Our second show this year is @ On the Rocks Helsinki. Cool!
Goths On The Rocks

January gigs!

December 16, 2014

Sat 03.01.15 Semifinal Helsinki(W/ Beverly Girl, Loistava Polku)
Fri 30.01.15 On the Rocks Helsinki(W/ Silent Scream, [:di unru:], Hexdrive)


October 20, 2014

and maybe also some other random Gothtober stuff coming to our facebook site soon. Thanks everybody!



Fri 27.12.13 Semifinal, Helsinki W/ Loistava Polku, ?Verity
Sat 11.01.14 On The Rocks, Helsinki (Private)
Thu 20.2.14 Semifinal, Helsinki w/ Hexdrive, [Di Unru ]
Fri 05.09.14 OC-Bar, Imatra
Sat 18.10.14 Gloria, Helsinki "Synthetic Rockin' Gothtober 2014" Solar Fake (GER), Ten After Dawn, Hexdrive + DSG DJ:s
Sat 03.01.15 Semifinal, Helsinki W/ Beverly Girl, Loistava Polku
Fri 30.01.15 On the Rocks, Helsinki W/ Silent Scream, [di unru], Hexdrive
Sat 30.05.15 Semifinal, Helsinki W/ White Fox, Jaani Peuhu


In the early 00`s Teemu Salo and Toni Viholainen recorded a song "Rusty Sounds". Dark groovy song with wicked riffs and cunning vocals. Machines and live-instruments hand in hand making rusty sounds. They recorded also a second demo song and a couple of ideas and riffs, but then other bands took their time and focus for years. Over the years they knew that someday it would be good to reunite, get back to these ideas. So..that day finally came. They started to use more synths, club sounds and even cinematic elements, but even with their dark grooving, catchy pop-melodies they have never forgot their love for distorted industrial and grunge elements. Today Ten has also live band members Erkka Pynnönen (bass) and Janne Närvänen (drums). Ten After Dawn´s first singles "Protest Song" and "Red Carpet Fever" have been released digitally on August 2012.


For booking and other inquiries: info@darkhelsinki.fi